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Lake Sidney Lanier Property Value Factors

 Lanier values explained
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These Factors apply to ALL lake properties:
Vacant Lots, Tear Downs & "Turn Key" lake homes

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In these challenged times, more that ever, you need a real estate specialist with extensive credentials to lead you in the right direction and who knows just what a real deal is when she sees one!

     2,500: Private docks on
    Lake Lanier in 1974
     10,500: Private docks on Lake Lanier in 2007
     160 permits were left for , lottery for new docks was finished in 2
    2013...They are all gone!!!

Good Waterfront lots are Scarce...
Not just on Lanier but anywhere there's water!
The waterfront lot prices on Lake Lanier are, almost always, valued as high or higher than the structure built on them.
Supply and Demand holds true.

Numerous factors are taken into account to determine values of lots located on Lake Sidney Lanier.   There are way too many to list here because each lot is unique and all values must be taken on a case by case basis. With that said, below is a general overview.  Prices of  lots & homes are  determined by how closely they meet the following characteristics and how typical they are for the lake area they are located. The US Army Corps of Engineers have authority over every aspect of  permitting on Lake Lanier. They have official guidelines that they and you must follow. These guidelines have much if not all to do with the values of each lot. In other words, What you see when you buy is what you get!

                 A)  The steepness to accommodate ease of construction and access.

       B)   Depth of water to allow for a boat dock, which is considered PERSONAL PROPERTY.

      C)   Proximity to US. Government line to water's edge, permitting a brief walk from the residence to the water.

      D)  Wooded or cleared.  The US. Government has instituted regulations regarding clearing of their land; presently lots may not be cleared beyond the US Government Line.

     Because of  US Army Corps of Engineers, regulations regarding clearing of  their land, the view of the water has become a very important factor in determining lot values. Lots on Lake Lanier, in this respect, range from no view at all to a 500 foot view to a 6-7 mile view.

Lots on the South end of Lake Sidney Lanier,  are demanding higher prices than other areas of the lake due to the close  proximity to Atlanta,  via GA 400 or I-85.  Also sailing enthusiasts prefer to be located below the bridges which are located at the mid section of the lake.  The  lake has evolved to become an Atlanta "bedroom community" with permanent residences being on the increase, versus only weekend homes.

        1). Amount of property located on the USGL. The size & quality of the actual useable frontage on the lake will give a higher value to a lake lot.
     2). Availability of a floating facility (boat dock) in place and the size of  that  dock. 4/27/07 The Army Corps of Engineers has a dock  quota that has reached it's limit. They officially stated there will be NO more dock permits issued on Lake Lanier when all the allotted permits are gone. 
    In all my years selling on Lanier, obviously this is an unprecedented occurrence. Where the values will spike as all the dock permits are gone, is anybody's guess.

       3).Position of  boat docks in respect to other docks located in the area.

       4). Effect of lake traffic and effect of the wind on the boatdock.

        5). The direction the house and lot face and that effect.

        6). Zoning restrictions on subject and surrounding properties. Depending on the county, new conforming lot sizes may differ and what once was enough land to cut into 2 or more lots, now may not be enough square feet to be separated for building permits.

        7). Landscaping.

        8). Domestic Water supply.

        9). Especially for vacant lots: Availability of sewage disposal, through public means or private septic. Almost all lakefront property at Lanier is on septic tank. Therefore, because health and building codes are constantly being updated,  it is of utmost  importance to have a verifiable soil survey to determine if and where a residence may be permitted on any given lot and, it may be different in each of the 5 counties surrounding Lake Lanier.

       10) . Privacy:  The proximity of neighboring residence.

 Hopefully, this information will be helpful to you in gaining an insight into various factors which effect the prices of lake lots and homes on Lake Sidney Lanier.
For a full appraisal of your property or
to obtain the guidance of a seasoned Lake Lanier expert...

A dock can add a six-figure bonus to the value of a home on Lake Lanier; likewise, a home without one could languish unsold for months.

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Q: How much are lots on Lake Lanier?
A: That's like asking how much is a car.  Car prices are all valued by make and model.  Simply said, it depends on the quality. 
Waterfront lots at Lanier are valued by not only the quality, but the ageless real estate term location, location, location. (That is if you can find a lake lot at all.) The reason raw waterfront lots are hard to come by is that Lanier is over 50 years old and has been almost totally developed. 
 If you  ride around on the vast 38,000 acres by boat you may see lots of prime uninhabited land but that almost always is US Corps of Engineers controlled property. You and I can't buy that. That's because at Lake Lanier, our property lines stop off at the topography elevation line 1,085 (commonly called the take line). This flood pool boundary was arrived at by aerial survey before the lake was filled. This means that only rarely do property lines extend to the waters edge. Therefore most property, unless it's grand fathered pasture, is partially or completely treed.
Certainly the size of lake lots vary but typically they are around a half acre.  It's the quality and quantity of the waterfront footage that really counts so more land is not necessarily better.
Lake lot value is based on far too many factors to express here, however, view, topography, water depth and location are revenant, universal characteristics most people readily identify with. 
However, the issue of dock permitability and all that it entails is the single most important value factor on this lake.  And by the way, a boat dock is personal property. The lake resident pays a fee to the US Corps of Engineers for a permit to float it and any additional personal usage permits on government land.
Lot prices at Lake Lanier may vary from time to time depending on what becomes available to the market but this year the typical lot price range is up again from $300K+/- to over $1Mil+/-.  Remember the value factors above, this is where they all come into play.
Yes, is seems that Lake Lanier waterfront lot values are something akin to the vast difference between a Hyundai and a Ferrari.
  But looks are sometimes deceiving, so don't forget to look under the hood. I'd ask a Lake Lanier Real Estate Specialist...

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